"Brian's work immediately caught my attention. I was particularly impressed by a robot... Unfortunately, it was already sold...In his calm and kind way, Brian made it clear that it would not be possible to do the same robot, as he only creates unique pieces. However, he suggested to create a second robot, and would give me the right to buy it for the price we had agreed. Ultimately, Brian is not only an astounding creative force, he has something that so many people in the art world miss: character. I have never met someone who is so humble, reliable and friendly. These attributes play a big role when you put art into your home."

Thomas Clark, Business Correspondent,
                                                                     Financial Times,
New York City

“ The work of Brian Mock is more than art, it is a pure expression of the passion that every motorsports enthusiast feels when they touch a great creation. When Brian created the Bugatti for the 2002 Baxter AutoParts Historic Race, there was no doubt that the recipient of the award needed to justify the glory of the piece. John Baxter was selected as the recipient for his contribution to the promotion and continuation of Vintage Racing. Brian’s work is an extension of the passion and the joy, but with the knowledge that behind all of that is a unique creativity and a lot of hard work. ”

Gill Campbell, General Manager
                                                                                Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

"In the case of Brian Mock, there's something worth buying - his intricate sculptures made from machine parts are well-crafted...[from] fish, cars, to fantastic humanoids."

Joseph Gallivan, Portland Tribune

“As one of Brian’s earliest patrons and a continuing admirer of his unique vision and talent, I can assure you that his pieces are unlike anything I have seen in over forty years involvement in the motorsports scene. You will be delighted!”

                                                                                        - Bob Dunsmore Photography

“ Brian's work is truly art. His creativity and skill, and the quality of his work are constantly evolving. You never know what he is going to come up with next but you are always looking forward to that new piece, and you invariably are amazed at just how cool it is.”

Debbie Grant, D&D Ceramics
A Few Words from Others

Fine art crafted from 100% found & recycled material

“Mock is gifted with the imagination and the capability to transform things that would otherwise be heading to the trash heap into unusual yet remarkable sculptures."
                                                           - Mariella Moon, Tecca.com

“...sculptor Brian Mock is a welding virtuoso...”

Christopher Jobson, Colossal Art Design
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"Portlander artists are known for their innovation when it comes to creating work reflective of the region...Brian Mock takes the art form of recycled work to a whole new level..."
                                  - Portland Features, Fodor's Travel Intelligence

"Brian Mock weaves his industrial magic to the delight of all around him."

     - uncommongoods.com