Fine art crafted from 100% found & recycled material

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Brian grew up in Portland, Oregon. His artistic spark was ignited at an early age, fueled by the organic beauty of the Northwest. He spent his young life drawing, and much of his adult life painting, wood crafting and wood carving. Although he still holds a fondness for these mediums, the evolution of his work into sculpting with recycled metal is where he's unearthed his greatest passion. Brian uses his self-taught welding skills as his primary process for construction, but each piece of art begins and ends with the craftsmanship of a true sculptor. His dimensional precision and his acute attention to detail and seamless fluidity is what sets his work apart from others metal workers.

"I am intrigued by the challenge of creating an entirely unique piece of art from a random collection of discarded and often commonplace objects. Giving these old, ordinary items a new and extraordinary life as one sculpture is an artistically demanding, yet gratifying, process. This type of work is also designed to be highly interactive and prompt viewers to question the reality of what they see. Audience reactions fuel my motivation and help bring my visions to life."

Brian works and lives in Beaverton, OR with his wife, and assistant, Karen.

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