Brian Mock in his shop with a sculpture in progress

Commissioning Work:

To order a custom sculpture, please make initial inquiry via email by filling out the Contact Form. My lovely assistant, Karen, will be delighted to help you!

Please include in your message the following information:

1. What you'd like me to create for you (Challenges encouraged!)
2. The size you're envisioning - Length & Height*
3. Your approximate budget, if applicable
4. Your project deadline, if applicable
5. How you expect it to be mounted/displayed
6. The shipping destination**

*Sizes can be adjusted to meet most budgets
** Custom crates for large scale sculptures may be additional

Also: Original, signed Certificate of Authenticity available for any commissioned sculpture upon request.


Looking forward to your ideas!



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Success! Message received.

*Do you have a special item that you'd like incorporated into your sculpture? A small keepsake, like a dog tag or a key chain ? 

Let me know!*

Custom plumerias business card holder