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Brian Mock in his shop with a sculpture in progress

Commissioning Work

To order a custom sculpture, email or complete the contact form. My lovely assistant, Karen, will be delighted to help you!

Please include in your message the following information:

1. What you'd like me to create for you (Challenges encouraged!)
2. The size you're envisioning - L x W x H
3. Your approximate budget, if applicable
4. Your project deadline, if applicable
5. The shipping destination*

*Shipping not included. Separate shipping quote to be determined per order.

Original, signed Certificate of Authenticity included upon request.


Looking forward to your ideas!



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Success! Message received.

*Do you have a special item that you'd like incorporated into your sculpture? A small keepsake, like a dog tag or a key chain ? 

Let me know!*

Custom plumerias business card holder
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